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We are content consumers. We are content writers. We are content editors.

From our origins as a social media consultancy through our development into a content marketing agency, we’ve always believed in the power of story. It’s what draws people in, makes them take notice and drives measurable results.


Founder and Fearless Leader
Gwen Morrison

Armed with more than 10 years experience in online communication, Gwen left the corporate world behind her to help brands inspire, motivate and build trust with their consumers. As former magazine publisher, long-time freelance writer, and experienced marketer, Gwen knows how to tell a good story. Her passion for the written word is surpassed only by her desire to push the boundaries – both in her life and in her work.

Gwen sees every single client as a new member of the family. It’s what she loves best about owning her own business – that connection with her clients. She prides herself on creating a company, and a team, that truly cares.


Content Strategy Super-Hero
Courtney Jones

Courtney asks the big questions of every project she comes across: “What’s the end result – and how can we make that happen?” She provides fine-tuned inspiration for our content and social strategies, and knows how to turn a list of boring benefits into an engaging story.

Courtney hung out her shingle professionally almost a decade ago, and joined the Endurance Marketing team in 2011. She’s been known to geek out algorithm updates and new social tools.

When she’s not at the computer, she’s raising two digital native daughters that have a fondness for creating both online and off.

Content Management Maestro
Wendy Phraner

Armed with a MBA and 20+ years of sales and marketing experience, Wendy brings a tremendous amount of influential talent to the Endurance Marketing team. She has a passion for turning insight into action and delights in creating positive results for clients.

With a focus on managing Endurance Marketing’s strategic growth objectives, Wendy ensures that client content deliverables are innovative and compelling so as to influence and build confidence and loyalty. She knows that expert storytelling is a key to success!

In her free time Wendy loves traveling with her husband, enjoying nature, creating and/or dining on delicious food, reading and practicing daily gratitude.


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