Social Media

14 Easy Ways to Get Your Blog Content Shared

Content marketing isn’t just about creating awesome content. It’s about getting that awesome content shared. When people share your blog articles, your audience will be expanded and your brand awareness boosted. More shares can even help you find new leads Read More ...

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Micro-content is to Aperitif as Article is to Entree: Why Social Micro-Content is Key to Effective Marketing and Sales

When most people think of content marketing, they instantly think of blog posts. Some may think of visuals, such as infographics and videos, but most don’t think of micro-content. It’s unfortunate, because they should. Micro-content is vital because it is the Read More ...

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How to Integrate Your SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing

Okay – pull up a chair. I’m about to lay down some truth – and it might not be pretty. If you’re approaching search engine marketing with one department, social with another, and content with a third, you are shooting Read More ...

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