Down Time

Love Stories and Nonfiction? Here’s My List of Podcast Episodes Not to Be Missed

Some people love fiction. Some people love nonfiction. I’m more with the latter, but with a caveat — there has to be some great storytelling going on. For me, I love learning new things and being inspired. Most of all, Read More ...

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Beat The Mondays! How to Avoid Sunday Night Dread

Dreading Mondays is not uncommon. And even if you love what you do, that passion doesn’t inoculate you against it. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to face Monday morning. They’re called the “Sunday night blues.” And yes, it’s a real Read More ...

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5 Crazy Ways to Become More Mindful

Mindfulness. Think it’s just a buzzword? Think again. The benefits of being mindful – being present and conscious of life as it happens – is actually backed up by tons of research. Here’s what you have to look forward to Read More ...

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