Content Marketing

Micro-content is to Aperitif as Article is to Entree: Why Social Micro-Content is Key to Effective Marketing and Sales

When most people think of content marketing, they instantly think of blog posts. Some may think of visuals, such as infographics and videos, but most don’t think of micro-content. It’s unfortunate, because they should. Micro-content is vital because it is the Read More ...

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Google’s Quality Update: What You Need To Know

Heard about Google’s latest update to its search engine algorithm? Wondering what it means for you and your business? Here’s the quick and dirty. If you’ve been paying attention to Google’s guidelines on quality content since the Panda update rolled Read More ...

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How to Create Content Calendars that Actually Work

You know you have to publish content, yet somehow your company blog is gathering dust and that white paper series you promised your email list is nowhere to be found. You’ve got an editorial calendar problem – and you need Read More ...

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